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There is a BIG difference between professional prints and non-professional prints. I mark my professional prints down, make them really inexpensive, so that you get a good quality print to display your photo's on! I strongly recommend purchasing your prints from me!

                           Flat                            Metallic/Gloss
8 wallets               $4.50                            $5.50 
8 Signature Die Cut Wallets $5.50                  $6.50
3 ½ X 5                $2.00 ea                        $2.25 ea
5 x 5                    $2.50 ea                        $3.50 ea
5 x 7                    $3.50 ea                        $4.00 ea
8 x 8                    $4.25 ea                        $5.25 ea
8 x 10                  $4.50 ea                        $5.50 ea
10 x 10                $6.50 ea                        $7.50 ea
11 x 14                $9.00 ea                        $10.50 ea

12 x 16                $15.50 ea                      $17.50 ea
12 x 18                $15.50 ea                      $17.50 ea
12 x 24                $15.50 ea                      $17.50 ea
14 x 22                $27.50 ea                      $30.50 ea
16x20                  $30.00                            $32.50

3" Magnet $5.50 each


Gallery Wraps (for .75 in thick wrap) that you hang directly on your wall! No framing required!

8x10 $85.00
10x10 $ 89.00
11x14  $100

Specialty sizes are available upon request.

Standout Prices (lightweght, nice quality print, mounted and ready to hang directly on your wall! Great alternative to canvas)
                          Matte Finish            
8x10                   $35.00                       
10x10                 $43.00                       
11x14                 $55.00                     
16x20                 $70.00                     
20x30                 $85.00                   

Specialty sizes are available upon request

Gallery Blocks:  A very unique way to showcase your photo’s! This high quality option is your photo, wrapped around solid wood!!! This offers a scratch proof and wipe clean surface!!! This also comes ready to hang on your wall! 
8x10   $49    
11x14 $55
12x12 $60
16x20 $85      

High Quality Photo Books:
All my photo books are professional grade photo books with acid free covers and acid free paper. Each book has hand stitched binding and is sturdy and long-lasting. Each have a photo cover (which you get to choose) and each of my books have a UV coating to prevent sun damage. Each book has 10 pages with a total of 20 sides.

5x7 photo book $80
8x8 Photo Book $90
10x10 Photo Book $100
8 1/2 x 11 Photo Book $120

Metal Prints

8x10 $30
11x14 $50
16x20 $85

Metal Print Standoff:

8x8  $50
8x10 $60
11x14 $75

There are more print sizes and Specialty Products available upon request!

Thank you so much for your interest in my photography! I hope to work with you soon!

PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME THE PICTURES ARE TAKEN (except print payment if you choose to order high quality prints from me! That is due at the time of your print order!)

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