Senior Picture Pricing and Packages

Senior Picture Pricing

Senior pictures are a big deal! You want them to portray your personality and show who you are! They need to be done with the right amount of time to take into consideration time for changing clothes and going from one location to another (if applicable). I would love to do your senior photography. Please contact me today to set your appointment!

Senior Picture Pricing
$150.00 for a 1 hour session with up to 2 outfits

$200.00 for a 1 ½ hour session with up to 3 outfits

$250.00 for a 2 hour session with up to 4 outfits

$300.00 for a 2 ½ hour session with up to 5 outfits

$350.00 for a 3 hour session with up to 6 outfits

That price includes one location of your choice within 15 miles. For each additional location (within 15 miles of each other) there is a $25.00 fee. That price also includes $50 of print credit to be used either towards a Package print option or ale cart prints of your choice!

You may purchase a CD with all the retouched, finished pictures for an additional $50.00.  Or you can purchase a custom, personalized USB (wooden) drive with all your images for $90. That cost includes noncommercial printing rights to the photographs on said CD/USB drive. 

The following are some money saving packages or you can also print individually!!!  (Print package pricing is good for only 30 days from the day you receive your CD)
Print package pricing is only good for 30 days from the day you receive your CD!

Package A:      $250                                                  
8x10 Canvas Gallery Wrap                                                                 
4- 8x10’s                                                                                               
10- 5x7’s                                                                                               
14- 3 ½ x5’s                                                                                           
40 wallets (5 sets of 8)                                                                        
An 8x12 high quality professional                                                        
Grade photo book that features                                                  
Your photo as the cover!                                                                        

  Package B:      $135
 8x10 Standout
 4- 8x10’s
 8- 5x7’s
10- 3 ½ x5’s
32 wallets (4 sets of 8)
5x7 image box that holds up to
100 images with the image of your
Choice as the cover!!!

Package C:      $105
3- 8X10’S
6- 5X7’S                                                 
8- 3 ½ X5’S                                                           
32 wallets (4 sets of 8)                        
And a 5x7 image box that holds up to
100 images with the image of your choice as
the cover!!

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